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The raffle is held at every meeting. The money raised from this will be donated to the President's charity at the end of the year.

President’s Charity 2015


"A Befriending Service for the Elderly in Wokingham Borough."

I’ve chosen The Link as our Hexagon’s charity for this year. I feel that it’s good to support local good causes that help people in our own community.

The Link is a befriending service for the elderly in the borough of Wokingham, providing friendship and support for those over the age of sixty who find themselves lonely or isolated.

The Link recruits and trains volunteers who visit the elderly in their homes on a regular basis. They also run activity sessions enabling elderly people to get out and about, socialise with others and learn new skills.

The charity is entire dependent on grants and donations so that their services can be provided free for those who need them. It will be good to make our small contribution so thank you for giving your support via our table raffle, magazine sales and the Bring & Buy.

If you’d like more information we have a display board and leaflets that you can pick up.

President’s Charity 2012


I’ve chosen a charity this year which supports young people. I’ve worked in education long enough to appreciate the impact a secure start in life can make. Launchpad aims to support those who have had a tough start through family circumstances, homelessness and situations where they have ‘come off the rails’. Launchpad states that ‘we are committed to helping our clients restore a sense of pride and independence by offering a chance of a fresh start in a safe supportive environment’. I hope you will be able to support our fund-raising by joining in the raffle at meetings and buying our recycled magazines.

"Launchpad Reading provide housing with support for single people who have a history of homelessness. Homelessness rarely comes alone, many struggle with substance or alcohol misuse, have a history of offending or mental health or have had a bad start in life or are affected by a relationship breakdown. Our support groups help motivate and give our clients the confidence to fulfil their potential."

The money from magazine sales and from the raffle will go towards Launchpad Reading this year. More details can be found in the leaflets on the magazine table at meetings, or by clicking on the Launchpad logo below. (Please note, this will open the Launchpad website in a new window.)

Launchpad logo & link to Launchpad website

President’s Charity 2011


I have chosen my charity in memory of Anna Jenkins. She was a member of Hexagon Quilters and many of you will know that she fought cancer for the last six years of her life. She died at home at the end of December 2010.

Macmillan Cancer Support improves the lives of people affected by cancer. They provide practical, medical, emotional and financial support. Hopefully other cancer sufferers will live full, vibrant lives, like Anna did, with the support of this charity.

More details can be found by clicking on the Macmillan logo below. (Please note, this will open the Macmillan website in a new window.)

Macmillan logo & link to Macmillan website

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